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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone!

Since I began this blog a month and a half ago, I've gone through lots and lots of blogs. Today, I want to summarize my findings on the blogosphere so far:

1) There are lots of foreign language blogs out there. It's not surprising, since most of the world speaks a language other than English, but it means there are lots of blogs that I can't understand. :-(

2) Most blogs are like online diaries, talking about the author's day or what they're thinking or feeling at that moment (which makes me wonder why people are so ready to share their secrets with the public).

3) There are many spam/marketing blogs that promote a site, a get-rich-quick scheme, etc. I suppose it's not surprising since they've infiltrated mail, email, and other mediums too, but it's still sad.

4) What is a blog is a blurry definition. When using a blog search engine, I often get results that lead me to sites that don't look like blogs. I guess it's up to each person what they consider a blog to be.

5) I need to find more sites that are interesting. If you have an interesting blog that you would like me to feature here, or if you know of one, just send me an email.


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