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Friday, March 10, 2006

Caught in a blog traffic war?

Instead of featuring a blog today, I'm writing about a blog-related experience I'm going through. Last month, I started a new blog on BlogCharm because they will pay you whenever someone reads your blog. "Why not?" I thought. "What have I got to lose?" Once I had a few days' worth of content in my new blog, I enrolled it in various blog traffic exchanges, including BlogExplosion, which is probably where you're reading this from right now.

Everything was going fine until this week, when I noticed that my blog disappeared from another traffic exchange, BlogClicker. I tried to add my blog back, but BlogClicker wouldn't accept it. I wrote an email to the folks at BlogClicker to ask why my blog was being denied. Was there some offensive content I wasn't aware of? They replied with a vague response about BlogCharm breaking their surfbars. I thought this was strange because none of the other traffic exchanges seemed to be encountering any problems, so I asked them to elaborate so that I could inform BlogCharm and tell them what's going on. It's been two days, and I've heard nothing back from BlogClicker.

It makes me wonder if BlogClicker is banning BlogCharm blogs because they're affiliated with a rival traffic exchange. If so, that sucks. I'd rather give up BlogClicker than BlogCharm. I'll just continue to use other traffic exchanges for my BlogCharm blog.


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