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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Still waiting to hear why Google screwed me

Last month, I mentioned that Google disabled my Adsense account. I submitted an appeal form, but it was denied without an explanation as to why. I still don't know what caused my account to be disabled in the first place. This is all very frustrating.

Has anyone else had their Adsense account disabled? Did you ever learn why? Did you ever hear back from Google at all?


Blogger Anji said...

I think you'd be better asking if there is anyone who hasn't had their account disabled.

AdSense are very strict. if they think you've had fraudulent clicks, you're out. If you read the conditions when you signed up I think it says somewhere they are not obliged to give an explanation.

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10:14 AM  
Blogger Egger haas said...

WELL same here mate, the reason i find out is that i might have open my own page many times like 90% of all visits were from a single source and Google deactivate my account which have the theme of php training in Chandigarh

1:58 AM  

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