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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Top VC blogs

Andrew Fife has a list of the top 10 VC blogs that he reads. Being in the same industry, I've read about half of the blogs that he mentions. Even more impressive is his list of the top 65 VC blogs. I went through most of the 65 on the list, and I would say that if you stick to about 10 - 20 VC blogs on the list, you'll have enough to think about. Some of the blogs haven't been updated in weeks, and some aren't really focused on the industry.

It seems like new VC blogs are popping up every day, so there are lots to choose from. One of my favorite new ones is Ask the VC.


Blogger cook said...

I tried to invest into this incredible start up called but they would not take anything less than $25K.
By bet is that they will be the next billion dollar deal in less than a year..... I wish I could get more money....shoooot..

6:14 PM  

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