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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Twitter vs. Blog

Do you Twitter? I saw a post recently talking about Twittering as the new replacement for blogging. Personally, I've stayed away from Twitter by choice because (1) I don't need another time suck and (2) how many people really care what I do minute by minute?

I won't argue about the growing popularity of Twitter, but it's still far from replacing blogs. I have far more friends who blog than use Twitter, and every Twitter user I know is also a blogger.

P.S. Given the outage problems with Twitter, I'm surprised someone hasn't come along and built a better Twitter-like service.


Blogger Aldon Hynes said...

Yes. I use Twitter, a bunch of different ways, as a supplement to my blog.

Most importantly, I have my twitter account subscribed to my RSS feed, so the nearly 700 people who follow me on Twitter get a notice quite quickly when I have a new blog post up.

I also keep it open as a sort of IM like window. I see what my friends are doing. They see what I am doing. We often share ideas that way.

I also like to use Twitter when I am away from my computer via my cellphone. It gives me a chance to stay in touch. Take notes online, and so on.

I've found that it doesn't really take away from my blogging time. Instead it gains me readers and gains me now ideas to blog about.

5:46 PM  
Blogger taranicole <"3 )~ said...

I don't see Twitter EVER replacing a blog. is a whole other story. But I agree with Aldon, its a supplement. Especially with the character limitations you mention in your most recent post.

11:36 AM  
Blogger MissWrite said...

I did the twitter thing along with my blogs for a few days.

First day it was a blast.

Second day it was still kind of fun, and I used my cell phone to update it a few times, even more fun.

Third day---who the heck has time for that? LOL

7:17 PM  

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