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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Should Blogger recycle URLs?

I wanted to create a new blog the other day, but I couldn't find a good Blogger URL for it. As with .com domain names, all the good names have been taken too. However, if the owner doesn't use it after an amount of time, wouldn't it be nice if Blogger reclaimed it? Of course, the owner should be contacted beforehand so that they can update their blog if they intend to keep it. I think this is reasonable because, unlike a regular website which may go untouched for months, blogs are meant to be updated regularly, so anyone who doesn't update their blog for, say, 6 months, should have to give up their blogspot name.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Best Christmas Gifts for 2006

Is it too early to start shopping for Christmas? If you're already considering what to get your family and friends for Christmas, take a few seconds to visit Best Christmas Gifts for 2006. The blog is geared more toward high tech gadgets and toys, but there are some other gift ideas. Personally, I could use the automatic sugar dispenser. :-)