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Friday, May 18, 2007

Almost 1 million Wordpress blogs

A few days ago, The Blog Herald reported that there are almost 1 million blogs. You can view the counter yourself on the home page.

Two questions came to mind when I read the story:
  1. How many blogs does Blogger host?
  2. When did almost reaching a target become news?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Blog search engine request

I rarely use blog search engines. The main reason is because when I want to do a blog search, it's to search for a blog that pertains to a topic, not just a single entry. For example, I recently wanted to find some info on the NFL draft in the blogosphere. Using search engines like Google and Technorati, I could find individual entries about the draft, but what I really wanted to find was a blog devoted to football so that I could see what other articles they may have about top college prospects. Instead, what I got were a bunch of one-time posts about the draft in non-football-related blogs. I wish search engines would place more emphasis on the overall theme of the blog rather than target each post individually.